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Beckwith Brickworks

Brick paving stones define beauty, elegance, and durability for driveways, walkways and patios.  Click on the logo below to learn more about brick options for your home.

Beckwith Brickworks

Beckwith Brickworks


beckwith BrickworksBrick paving stones define beauty, elegance, and durability for driveways, walkways and patios. A properly installed brick paving stone driveway or patio will give your home the finishing touch that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Living in an untamed mountain environment such as Crested Butte tends to push a home to the limit when it comes to keeping your home clean from the elements.  There is no better way to keep mud, dirt and snow out of your home than having a brick paving stone entrance. In the summer, brick gives your home a barrier to keep mud and dirt at bay after a day of playing or working in the great outdoors. In the winter, a smooth brick surface makes easy work of shoveling snow and retains heat so as to melt snow faster.

Our experienced staff led by Master Stone Mason Dave Witty will get the job done right. Dave worked for years in Denver, Colorado leading crews on large projects such as The Denver Art Museum, The Denver Library and Invesco Field before moving to Crested Butte. Dave and our staff will assess each job individually to ensure your hardscape will meet local building codes, function properly concerning snowmelt, drainage, and beautifully complement your home.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor living spaces and landscaping around your home and brick isn’t the only option. Flagstone surfaces and stone structures are very popular as well. We recently constructed a beautiful gazebo (see photo gallery) complete with stone walls, columns, reclaimed wood trusses and even an outdoor fireplace. This family wanted a shaded area to escape from the sun and still be able to enjoy the great outdoors. Outdoor kitchens and barbeques are the latest trends in home entertaining that is sweeping the nation. This is a great way to utilize your cooking and entertaining areas, allowing you to spend quality time in your own yard.


Curb Appeal!

       Many homeowners today are trying to sell their homes and cub appeal is very important. A nice brick addition to a home can increase your home’s value and appeal much like a bathroom or kitchen renovation does. Most realtors will tell you that first impressions are very important, and brick is a great way to impress a potential buyer.


      There are many benefits that Brick Pavers have over other types of outdoor hardscape finishes such as concrete and pavement.

                                                                      Brick     vs      Concrete 

Brick Concrete
Pavers increase property values Damaged or cracked concrete lowers home values
Pavers are 4X's stronger than concrete Concrete strength is inferior to brick pavers
Pavers are less expensive & easier to repair Difficult to repair concrete without ugly scaring
Pavers have better weight distribution Does not flex well under stress
Pavers show elegance and beauty Bland and dull looking
Great long term investment Costs more in the long run


The wide range of patterns and colors available makes custom designs possible for any type of courtyard, driveway, patio or walkway. We will work with you to create a design and turn it into reality.  Although we will install any brand of brick paving stone that you choose, our brick of choice is the Borgert brand.  After many years of installing all types of brick, Master  Mason Dave Witty prefers to use the Borgert brand of brick paving stones over all other types for quality and strength. You can look them up online at to see the many different style and colors available.

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